What are Perfume Oils?

What is the difference between Perfume Oils and Perfume Sprays?

All designer and luxury perfumers derive scents from fragrance oils (like rose oil, jasmine oil, etc.) and dilute them in alcohol, hence most of these fragrances are only available in sprays commonly labeled as edP, edT, etc. However, when fragrance oils are diluted in neutral carrier oils, they are known as Perfume Oils. 

The key difference between these perfume sprays and perfume oils is that in sprays, 15-20% of fragrance oil is diluted with 80-85% alcohol, whereas in perfume oils, 20-40% fragrance oil is diluted with 60-80% neutral oil. Therefore Perfume Oils often contain a much higher fragrance concentration compared to spray on perfumes.

Aftershave: 1-3% fragrance concentration in an alcohol base

Eau de Cologne (EDC): 2-6% fragrance concentration in an alcohol base

Eau de Toilette (EDT): 5-15% fragrance concentration in an alcohol base

Eau de Parfum (EDP): 10-20% fragrance concentration in an alcohol base

Perfume Oil: The most concentrated form, with 20-40% fragrance concentration in an oil rather than alcohol base.


Why you must try Perfume Oils?

Perfume oils have been in use for centuries, here are six reasons why you must try them too;


Long Lasting Fragrance

Alcohol-based perfumes available in sprays bottles dry/evaporate within a short period of time after application because alcohol is a drying agent. This results in the fragrance fading quicker too.

NICHE Perfume Oils are oil based and easily absorbed by the skin and hence, they have a longer lasting fragrance throughout the day. The oil penetrates the skin causing the fragrance to not only be more subtle and focused but also linger longer and deepen throughout the day with the warmth of the body temperature.


Easy Application and Portability

NICHE Perfume Oils come in roll on bottles which allows for easy perfume application with no mess or wastage.

The size of these bottles is also perfect for on the go as they are leak-proof and can easily fit in a pocket or a small purse. See all roll-on bottles


Soft on Sensitive Skin

Perfume Oils are an absolute dream for sensitive skin. They lower the risk of developing any skin sensitivity and the hydrating and moisturizing nature of oil makes them perfect for dry skin. We recommend you test a little amount of oil on your skin before applying a lot. Most of these oils can also be applied to clothing without leaving any stains. Test a hidden part of clothing first.


Premium Quality at an Affordable Price

Perfume Oils are very affordable compared to their designer counterparts whilst maintaining an extremely similar long-lasting fragrance. This is because of lesser amount of additives in the production process. Although we use the best quality fragrance oils available, the costs saved on advertising campaigns and sponsorships are passed onto you.

Our smallest 10ml Bottle can last more than a month even with daily use and price starts from just 2.900 KD!

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Now that you have one of our best perfume oils, the next step is to lift your perfume game to new heights by having the right knowledge on how to wear your perfume oil confidently and how to make it last longer.