How to Apply Perfume Oil

When it comes to perfume oils, less is more. Since concentrated perfume oils are alcohol free, they are much stronger than eau de parfum or eau de toilette, and should only be used in small amounts. 

A few drops of the perfume oil are enough for the beautiful fragrance to last all day. 

Ways to Apply Perfume Oil

Below are the two ways to apply perfume oils

Traditional Method of Application 

The traditional way to use perfume oil is to wear them indirectly by applying it on your garment or clothing. This can be done either with the roller head of the bottle or with the applicator stick. 

Take a few drops of the scent oil on the palms of your hand or the inner wrists, and rub them gently, then the scent oil is applied on the garment by delicately stroking the palms or the wrists over the fabric. This helps with spreading the oil evenly over the clothing, not having it on only one spot and decreases the chances of ruining the fabric. 

However, the sensitivity of the clothing or the colour of the garment should be taken into consideration when using this method. Light-coloured clothing or sensitive fabrics such as silk should be tested in a non-visible place beforehand.

Modern Method/Direct Application on Skin/Hair

To directly apply on your skin or hair, start with a small drop of perfume oil on the inner wrists, along the jawline, behind your earlobes, on the ends/tips of your hair or your beard.

The sillage often does not begin promptly and is overwhelming, don’t be tempted to use more oil quickly, but rather wait and see, as perfume oils usually gain strength when warmed by your skin and movements. You can always “top up” later on during the day, but be careful because weakening the fragrance afterwards if used too much is quite difficult. 

Applying with Roll On Bottles

Using a bottle with a roll on applicator is the easiest way to apply perfume oils. For best results, apply the perfume oil right after a nice hot shower on your pressure points:


Your arms are constantly moving which creates a sense of movement in your fragrance and that makes the people in your close proximity have a fresh breath of your fragrance.

Behind the Ears/Neck

Behind the ears allows the oil to create a sense of diffusion when you’re on the move. It can make the scent last long.

Inner Elbows

Serves to marginally darken the smell in the curves of the arms – ideal for longer-enduring dispersion. An incredible heartbeat point for work on the off chance that you need to wash your hands every now and again.

Behind the Knees

It will allow the scent to rise throughout the day. The backs of the knees are hotter and gentler, and in this way bound to extend the fragrance. 

Once you’ve decided on which pulse points to use, simply remove the cap of the perfume oil, invert the bottle, and rub it gently back and forth on your skin. Now you know how and where to apply perfume oils for best and long-lasting results.